Tuesday, 17 April 2012

photo bundle - places and things

Good evening all!
The second instalment of the phone pic photo bundle crams together odds and ends that I documented on my mobile over the past few months.

1. One of many visits to our local artisan bakery Vovo Telo 2. Summer sunset 3. Welcome letter at the Westcliff (this goes back to November '11 when we got engaged - crumpets!) 4. Bubbly bath by candlelight 5. Roses from Craig 6. Strawberry ice-cream in the garden 7. Making a statement at work with the bling mouse 8. "Bride" brooch from Giselle 9. Mini orchid to pretty up the dining table 10. The garden on a sunny day 11. Desk accessories at work 12. Jewellery hangs


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  1. How fun! I always love glimpses in to fellow bloggers lives. Those roses are so pretty! :]


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