Tuesday, 24 July 2012

July: In Summary

1. Afternoon car rides 2. Lovisa jewels 3. Pasta and wine 4. Bling mouse 5. Hello Panda biscuits - I haven't had those in ages! 6. Bridal magazines slowly stocking up in my spare room 7. Skull soaps @ Nap 8. Tasha's Nicolway landscape 9. Woolies Caramel Yoghurt


Sunday, 8 July 2012

in the bag

We all love taking sneak peeks into other people's homes and bags, let's be honest! I'm no exception, flip I love a good squizz at the insides of a person's handbag - how strange us humans are. 
So I thought it rather of selfish of me to do all the snooping and give nothing in return, so here is a peek into my handbag. Not very exciting. Sunglasses - yes, two pairs, a girl can never make her mind up! A travel size lint roller - when you're a kitty owner this tool is a must for peeling away hair! Hand cream, hand cleanser, chewing gum, lippies and bronzers. iPod and phone. Oh yes, and some gloves - it's so bloody cold in the mornings and evenings I simply have to keep these stored in my bag for emergencies!

What's in your handbag?