Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Tune

Been listening to Alt-J's album, An Awesome Wave, today.
Breezeblocks is by far my favourite song on the album... It's been on repeat for the past hour!

The video is both chilling and brilliant at the same time. I find it quite mesmerizing - I just can't stop watching it! It's a perfect match to the song.
I love the lead singer's eerie tones and the beat that drops from 0:12 onwards.

I also love the references to Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are". Any fan of the children's classic will notice the lyrics straight away! And believe me, I'm a huge fan. WTWTA is one of my coffee table favourites.

Please don't go, I'll eat you whole.

Do you know... where the wild things go?


Thursday, 23 May 2013


"Leon was founded on the principle:
that food can be both lovely and good for you..."

In continuing to share with you all some awesome wedding gifts that we received, I now have this amazing food encyclopedia/cookbook, given to us by a couple of very special friends living over in the UK.
Leon opened up as a restaurant in London in 2004, and from there expanded to nine restaurants in the UK. Leon pride themselves on the simple principle that healthy, nourishing foods can be delicious, and should be celebrated for their worth. Fresh, seasonal, healthy ingredients are the focus here.

Leon: Ingredients and Recipes is, to me, an encyclopedia of everything food related! I've been sitting every Sunday afternoon for the past month paging through this wondrous book, learning all sorts of amazing facts about every food ingredient under the sun. Origin, how to use, nutritional content, fun facts - it's all in this book!

I haven't yet got to reading the recipes intently yet, although I have perused a few pages and some of the recipes look amazing! I especially love the fact that all recipes focus on using fresh, sustainable ingredients.

For any foodies out there, this book is awesome! It's a coffee table favourite of mine, from here on out!


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Woolworths Artisan Collection

One of the nicest things about getting married. Apart from marrying your true love and looking forward to a life of happiness and romance?
Presents! We were unbelievably overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends. It's really amazing!
And so after the wedding gifts were unwrapped and unpacked into their new homes, I still found myself left with a number of vouchers for places such as Woolworths and @Home - awesome! 
Two of my favourite buys so far have been this little cheese plate and butter dish from Woolies Artisan Collection. Being handmade adds so much character to each piece, I just can't wait to put these babies to good use!

Don't you just love the little mouse and bird? I think those were the deal breakers for me.
I've seen these pieces at most Woolworths stores in Joburg, but I know you can also buy them online (woo hoo!)

I suggest you get used to me bragging about my new homely possessions, as I plan on sharing a few more wonderful wedding gifts with you during the next few days!


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Plett Spaces and Faces

Planning a wedding is no joke. In fact, it's bloody hard work!
For our honeymoon I wanted to do nothing but relax...which is exactly what we did down in Plettenberg Bay!
We ate amazing food and drank amazing wine at amazing restaurants, and everything was just amazing!
Now it's back to reality and I'm racking my brain for a new project to sink my teeth into in order to keep me busy after months of wedding planning!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hello everyone!
I have been so extremely busy in the past few months. I never knew that planning a wedding was so immensely time consuming!
When I logged in and saw that my last post was early March I couldn't believe it!
Well, I'm glad to say that I am now back in action and you can expect a lot more posts in the near future!
Not having any wedding plans to sort out is rather bittersweet. The mania was hectic, but now I do find myself sitting around with a big empty void inside! At least I have a beautiful husband to help keep me busy.
I'd love to share some photo's of our magical day. I am still waiting ever so patiently for all of my photo's from our big day, but if anyone fancies a look, you can wander over to Melanie's blog and check out her post from our wedding. Melanie Wessels in an amazing photographer, her work is truly beautiful! Anyone getting married should seriously consider hiring her to capture their precious memories for them!
Take a look here.