Thursday, 29 July 2010


Clogs have finally made their fashionable way to South Africa!
(According to Elle South Africa, August 2010)
I remember falling for the trend after seeing Alexa sporting some lovelies on Vogue's March 2010 cover.
Jeffrey Campbell's nude wedges are ideal, and the Miu Miu's are absolute beauts!
This weekend I'll be on the lookout for some in Jozi, if anybody has spotted a pair in the city help a sister out and give me a shout please.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Day at the Races

The Durban July is next weekend!

For those of you that have no clue what I'm on about, the Durban July is the biggest horseracing event in South Africa each year. Well, not only a horseracing event, more like an opportunity to showcase your individual fashion sense and dress a bit smarter and a little bit more adventurous than you usually would.

I, unfortunately, will not be making it to the July this year - *tear*.

So I fantasized about what I would wear if I were able to go. It's usually a crazy mob of dresses all over the race course, so I would love to spice things up and try something different - hence the high-waisted trousers and the leather skirt. Lovely, non?

The above sets include, amongst other things, vintage Chanel clutch, Louboutin's, black YSL wedges and YSL ring, House of Harlow ring, Topshop floral bra-top and sequinned waistcoat from

Dammit, now I really wanna go! Booooooooooo!

Abbey Lee - Vogue Germany August 2010

She's lovely.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Mmmmunch mmmmmunch.

I hope you're hungry cos I've got foooooood for you!
I've recently become fascinated with taking photo's of the food I'm about to eat, as well as my fellow diners at the table with me.
Eating out is basically my favourite hobby - I love finding new little cafe's and restaurants around town.
Above are some snaps taken on my recent holiday to Plettenberg Bay.
*Bacon and Egg Ciabbata's!
*Pain au Chocolat's!
*Knotted sourdough bread with hummus and olive tapenade at Bramon Wine Estate!
Mmm, tasty.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fringe Benefits

Please excuse the boobage.
This is just a little something I picked up on my holiday to Plettenberg Bay a couple of weeks back. I found it in this lovely little boutique and it's really comfy.
I really love the fringe detail!
Hope you're having a happy Sunday!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

i was walking was living the melody was acapella

*Wine lunching in Plettenberg Bay
*My latest addition to the elephant jewellery gang
*Culturing myself with some classic literature (is culturing even a word?)
*Tropical plimsoles - very Miami Vice, the only thing I was missing was the 'tache

Monday, 5 July 2010

Glasto Fash

South Africa needs more festivals.
'Nuff said!
Images courtesy of Vogue

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Grandfather's Clock

I finally got hold of my Granny's watch - after the watch shop kept it hostage for about 4 months, and didn't even fix it!
It was my Grandpa's and used to have a big metal linked strap that broke, but I quite prefer the leather strap.
It's my special watch.