Saturday, 9 November 2013

Summer Vibes: Get Lucky - Pretty Pink Edit

It's songs like this that really start getting me in the mood for Summer.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Why is Pinterest so Addictive? An Infographic explanation.

I am obsessing over Infographics at the moment. I just find them so interesting, yet creative and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
Thought this one about WHY Pinterest is so addictive (which I actually found on Pinterest - ha!) was quite a goodie.
And how true?

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WeWOOD Watches

Organic, natural watches have been around for a few months now already, but I still really like the look of them!

WeWOOD Watches are made of 100% natural wood, which means that as well as looking fantastic, you will be taking a sustainable approach to style.
Another awesome thing with these time pieces is that with every purchase made of a WeWOOD product, they plant one tree. So do your bit for the environment and fill up our forrest's by buying one of these babies!

You can buy them on the Cityblis site over here.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

insta-update: Sept 2013

Many people may have thought that I dropped off the end of the earth due to my lack of blogging lately.
Not so! I have been my normal busy self with my usual weekend activities (sadly the weekdays are usually less interesting).

My favourite Diptyque - the Fig fragrance is mesmerizing
My very first batch of proper cupcakes!
A yummy lunch
Peek a boo Frankie
Myself and the Frank with our matching fur coats (mine is faux of course)
Delicious weekend wine - Pierre Jourdan's Tranquille is tops!
Mexican food at the Fourway Farmers Market
Hubby Craig and my pink lips
Revolting jelly shoe craze that needs to end now, please.
Sleepy Frankie
Cronuts have finally hit South African shores! I found these at Junipa Bistro in Bryanston


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

I've been rather quiet lately BUT I'm back - and with what a cute bang!
Can you handle the adorableness of Darcy the Flying Hedgehog?

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Sunday, 30 June 2013

DIY Sundays: Ecosystemic

When your husband is visiting North America for three weeks, your sleeping patterns take a bit of a knock. Being six hours behind me now, I find myself waking up to call or text Craig at somewhat ghastly hours of the morning! I then tend to lie in bed for a while trying to nod back off to sleep. When this doesn't work, I whip the ol' iPad out and go where every person goes for entertainment and inspiration these days. Pinterest.

And the other night I came across loads of pins of terrariums. Okay, now this is where I get confused, because when I then searched terrariums, I found out that some people also called them terraniums?
Anyway, these little bottled ecosystems just look so organic and fresh, I simply had to try and make one for myself. 
It's pretty easy too - kind of like layering a trifle, or a lasagne even.

Step One: Buy your plants, pebbles and glass container. I planned on having mine inside so made sure I bought plants that don't require any sunlight. Ferns and moss should do the trick. I also bought a bag of river sand to layer the bottom. 

Step Two: Begin layering. River sand at the bottom, followed by the soil. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Step Three: It was only when I got to this point that I realised my challenge with the very tight necked bottle I had bought. Luckily I was wearing my thinking cap this morning, because braai/barbeque tongs come in extremely handy indeed, should you need them. I chopped my plants into smaller sections so that they would fit into the bottle nicer. Once you've done this, just pick them up with your tongs and you can pretty easily manouvre them into the bottle.

Step Four: With all the sand and soil being thrown around, things will get rather messy in there. The last step is basically to just clean up any marks. Seal your bottle... et voila!

You will see that once the green fingers had set in that I even made a baby terranium - he's cute!

Go forth and be green. Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!


Sunday, 2 June 2013

insta-update: Autumn

Autumn snaps... 
Yup, that's how long I've been away from the blogosphere. I have enough snaps on my phone for a whole album in fact! Some of these even go on from before the wedding, which was already six weeks ago! Where is the time flying away to?!

Bubbly at Bramon in Plettenberg Bay | Healthy dinners | Red | Chill time with Craig at Vovo Telo | Peek-a-boo Frankie | Bridal shower spoils from mom in law | Wedding prep details | Tea break at Turbine Hotel in Knysna | The Grand, Plettenberg Bay | Vineyard lunches at Bramon | Sunset at the Plettenberg Hotel | Oh hi (Bramon AGAIN) | Putting my new pestle and mortor to good use and making some fresh basil pesto


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Tune

Been listening to Alt-J's album, An Awesome Wave, today.
Breezeblocks is by far my favourite song on the album... It's been on repeat for the past hour!

The video is both chilling and brilliant at the same time. I find it quite mesmerizing - I just can't stop watching it! It's a perfect match to the song.
I love the lead singer's eerie tones and the beat that drops from 0:12 onwards.

I also love the references to Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are". Any fan of the children's classic will notice the lyrics straight away! And believe me, I'm a huge fan. WTWTA is one of my coffee table favourites.

Please don't go, I'll eat you whole.

Do you know... where the wild things go?


Thursday, 23 May 2013


"Leon was founded on the principle:
that food can be both lovely and good for you..."

In continuing to share with you all some awesome wedding gifts that we received, I now have this amazing food encyclopedia/cookbook, given to us by a couple of very special friends living over in the UK.
Leon opened up as a restaurant in London in 2004, and from there expanded to nine restaurants in the UK. Leon pride themselves on the simple principle that healthy, nourishing foods can be delicious, and should be celebrated for their worth. Fresh, seasonal, healthy ingredients are the focus here.

Leon: Ingredients and Recipes is, to me, an encyclopedia of everything food related! I've been sitting every Sunday afternoon for the past month paging through this wondrous book, learning all sorts of amazing facts about every food ingredient under the sun. Origin, how to use, nutritional content, fun facts - it's all in this book!

I haven't yet got to reading the recipes intently yet, although I have perused a few pages and some of the recipes look amazing! I especially love the fact that all recipes focus on using fresh, sustainable ingredients.

For any foodies out there, this book is awesome! It's a coffee table favourite of mine, from here on out!