Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Moving and Shaking

I was just browsing through my inspiration file -we all have one, don't we? - and wanted to share some elements of my ideal home.
As I'm in between abodes at the moment, all I can think about is furniture and rent and and and...
But there's something wonderfully liberating about being able to choose your own bed, couches, steak knives, tea pots, etc.
I believe that, as with style, ones home is an extension of oneself.
It should reflect the individual, and that's partly one of the strange reasons I, along with plenty other folk, love blogs and articles that give the reader a sneek peak into the wardrobes and bedrooms of - heck - complete strangers!
So once I'm satisfied with my surroundings (this may take some time, I'm horribly fussy and meticulous) I shall give you all a sneeky peak ok?


  1. i love to do this to its a very individual creative proccess..yes would love to see your pics!


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