Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Imma sucker for Cheap Crap

I bought some stuff last week and never told you!
The jacket was insanely cheap, like I had to ask twice when the old lady asked for money for it.
It's a bit big so needs to be tailored and I'm wanting to add a little summin' summin' to it so watch this space for improvements on Old Lady Floral Jacket.
The booties fulfilled my want for studs, so I'm a happy chappy about that - but I'm still on the lookout for more, don't worry.
And the bag is from a charity shop - again, really inexpensive/light-on-the-pocket/cheap, I don't even think I could buy myself a sparkling water with the money I paid for it.
Ugly Betty Season 4 starts here tonight YIPPEEEEE


  1. wow i love everything you posted! esp the boots <33

  2. So very happy you like our boots. Happy days. I am one of the shoe buyers at Mr P and at night I am Cupcake Couture :-) There are some more fun boots coming. Keep up the lovely posts - I love seeing what you have bought. x


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