Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Honk Honk

Apologies for the quiet-ness from my side please.
I moved to Joburg this weekend!
It's always awful saying goodbye, but here's to new beginnings and tackling the traffic.
It's so weird, because I've never been a beachy person but now that I am away from the beach I yearn for a dip in the warm Indian Ocean!
This feeling shall pass I'm sure, and I am only a 5 hour drive away from the Durby Durbs so it's ok.
Just need to pop out and buy an espresso machine now so I can be as on the ball as these Joburg folk.
Like, chiiiiill man, just watch the waves and be cool.
Oh wait.
Don't you love the pic?
That's me and boyfriend, together again YAY!
My mind has deserted me and I cannot remember where I found it so if anyone knows just give me a shout.


  1. welcome to joburg hun! And stock up on moisturizer, winter gets ugly! All the best xx

  2. haha thanks for the tip!
    can't wait for winter, at least it gets COLD here, durban winters are pathetic!


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