Sunday, 19 May 2013

Woolworths Artisan Collection

One of the nicest things about getting married. Apart from marrying your true love and looking forward to a life of happiness and romance?
Presents! We were unbelievably overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends. It's really amazing!
And so after the wedding gifts were unwrapped and unpacked into their new homes, I still found myself left with a number of vouchers for places such as Woolworths and @Home - awesome! 
Two of my favourite buys so far have been this little cheese plate and butter dish from Woolies Artisan Collection. Being handmade adds so much character to each piece, I just can't wait to put these babies to good use!

Don't you just love the little mouse and bird? I think those were the deal breakers for me.
I've seen these pieces at most Woolworths stores in Joburg, but I know you can also buy them online (woo hoo!)

I suggest you get used to me bragging about my new homely possessions, as I plan on sharing a few more wonderful wedding gifts with you during the next few days!


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