Sunday, 6 January 2013

Take a Peek - Part 3 (Or is it 4?)

I was watching the second Sex and the City movie the other day, and I couldn't agree more with Carrie when she admitted to swapping fashion for furniture. Whilst I still love a good garment, I've recently given myself over to lots of little bits and pieces for the home! I love my home, but filling it with cute and meaningful pieces is one of the best hobbies ever!

And so this is probably the third or fourth instalment of "Take a Peek", but you can always expect more posts like this because as long as there are decor and interior shops around town, there will always be things that grab my eye!

1. Never ending perfume collections
2. Special faces in frames
3. Scented candle (Nap) and skulls (Typo) atop my new Moroccan embossed metal stool (Entrepo) (thanks Craig x)
4. Warms words
5. Wooden person (Nap) - I think he needs a lady friend; I may need to buy her soon!



  1. Thanks for your comment. Your blog's very lovely!

  2. great post!

  3. Your decorating is so cute!

  4. I love the decorations! Makes your home more homey as well :D

  5. Beautiful things you collected. I love collecting perfume bottles as well.


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