Friday, 4 January 2013

Lunch and a Duck Parade

 During our holiday in Cape Town, we took a lovely drive out to Vergenoegd Wine Estate.
We had the yummiest lunch and drank bottles of crisp, fresh white and blush wines... and then as the afternoon began to wind down, we were treated to a duck parade! The estate is home to some 1,000 feathered friends, and every afternoon after the lunch hour rush, the owners bring out about 400 of them to parade around the beautiful lawns of the dining garden.

It was the cutest thing I'd seen in a long time, watching hundreds of ducks waddling here and there in unison! Cute, but stinky - if you ever feel like treating yourself to lunch and a duck parade, be sure to finish your meal before the show commences!


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  1. Oh my gosh, we did this a few days ago! Isn't it awesome?! Did you see the baby ducks in the incubators?


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