Saturday, 30 June 2012


I'm not a huge fan of false nails, nor am I a huge fan of long nails either. So when I saw these stick-on nails from Sass Diva, I thought that they were simply too convenient to not try out at least once! Complete with a sticky bed at the bottom of the nail, all you do is place on and squeeeeze down. Simple!
The length is just taking a bit of getting used to - I'm usually a "cut-right-down-to-the-cuticle" type girl, but I must be honest, I have found myself softly flicking these babies up and down my cheeks since they've been on! I quite remind myself of my late Granny, she had the most amazingly strong, long nails (obvs not painted black with big crucifixes on you know).

So, if any of you are stuck in a nail rut, and are equally as lazy as me, just grab some of these.
Heck, if you don't fancy them once they're there, all you need to do is rip them off!
Easy peasy!



  1. Oh my goodness those are the CUTEST nails I have ever seen..You've officially inspired me to copy you! Love your blog and this manicure. :)) xoxo

  2. i love it!


  3. WOW this looks great! really love it :-)

  4. Love the nails! They don't look like stick on nails at all!


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