Saturday, 7 January 2012

Body Shop goodies

I simply adore Body Shop products.
I have a very sensitive skin and have yet to have a problem with their stuff- touch wood!
The Body Shop are currently having one of their amazing sales, of which I always go mad in.

Their Olive Shower Gel smells divine, I'm not too keen on smelling all fruity and sweet, so the olive scent from this is great - wonderfully refreshing.

The Brazil Nut Body Scrub is great - it's not a very harsh exfoliator and it smells lovely and creamy! Love it.

My favourite products have to be from the Vitamin E range though.
I use the Vitamin E Facial Cleanser as I find it very gentle and it doesn't dry my skin out like some other face washes that I've used.
The Vitamin E Face Mist is my favs though! Absolutely adore it. I keep this bottle at home with me for a little refreshing spritz every now and then, but I'm seriously contemplating buying one for the handbag and one for my office drawer too.
Beautifully refreshing and invigorating when your skins feeling a bit gross.



  1. I haven't tried any of these before. I like the shea body scrub from TBS. I definitely agree with the not smelling fruity comment.

  2. Aw I miss the Body Shop...I used to live near one and loved going in and smelling all their perfume oils. The olive oil shower gel sounds lovely.

  3. I love TBS too! The makeup I've got of theirs has really impressed me aswell xx

  4. Love the body shop products too !
    and the vitamin E range is fab! haven't tried the mist though... (silly question : can you use it if you are wearing make up ?)

  5. Hi Coco - of course you can use the mist with makeup, I often use it to set mine once it's done :)


  6. the vitamin E range is so amazing, smells wonderful, and the mist is great for setting make up :)
    Thanks for posting this Jo I totally forgot how much I loved this range, time to dig it out! would love you to follow xx


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