Monday, 26 October 2009

Recent Crushes

These are heavenly! I love the detail, love the ankle length, just love love love!
Perfect for Autumn/Winter. If only I wasn't going home to Spring/Summer now.

These sequin hotpants by Chanel are such a treat. They're the cutest things ever. But due to some unfortunate junk in my trunk, I'm doubting my ability to don a pair without people hiding their eyes and running away screaming. Too bad. I can still lust after them can't I?

Another seasonal item which would be impractical in South Africa during the Summer months. *Sigh* How wonderful though paired with some grey tights and those lovely boots above?
Maybe I could sweat it out - all in the name of looking pretty.
Oh yes, and the fur needs to be fake please.
Don't get me started on animal rights now! That's a different ballgame completely.

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  1. oh, those boots are just so beautiful and i am in love with the furry coat too ♥


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