Wednesday, 18 September 2013

insta-update: Sept 2013

Many people may have thought that I dropped off the end of the earth due to my lack of blogging lately.
Not so! I have been my normal busy self with my usual weekend activities (sadly the weekdays are usually less interesting).

My favourite Diptyque - the Fig fragrance is mesmerizing
My very first batch of proper cupcakes!
A yummy lunch
Peek a boo Frankie
Myself and the Frank with our matching fur coats (mine is faux of course)
Delicious weekend wine - Pierre Jourdan's Tranquille is tops!
Mexican food at the Fourway Farmers Market
Hubby Craig and my pink lips
Revolting jelly shoe craze that needs to end now, please.
Sleepy Frankie
Cronuts have finally hit South African shores! I found these at Junipa Bistro in Bryanston


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  1. Love love love the pictures! And its okay... Weekdays are always normally boring and less interesting!
    Loved the blog, following!

    - xoxo Sabrina Araujo


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