Thursday, 14 February 2013

everything ombre

We all know that the ombre trend has been around for quite a while now. I dyed my hair ombre a good 18 months ago already! (although it's very much back to boring old one shade brown)

Having spent my life on sites such as Pinterest for the past year, searching for more and more inspiration for my upcoming wedding in April, I've seen an awful lot of ombre on all sorts of things besides ladies locks!
Wedding cakes in particular - and I must be honest, I was toying with the idea of an ombre wedding cake but I've gone for something a little more "traditional" (boring, I know!)

As soon as I get more time on my hands in the next few months, I'm definitely going to try some DIY ombre's of my own! Ombre pasta dishes, anyone?


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  1. I really like everything ombre too! That chest or drawers is really pretty, that's quite a good idea! :)x


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