Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cat and Mouse

iPads aren't just for humans, you know.
The other day we downloaded an app called Games for Cats, which is, as the name suggests, a little game for cats.
All Frankie needs to do is chase a little purple mouse around the screen!
At first we didn't get a reaction from her - it appeared I was more intrigued and ended up thrashing my fingers away at the screen like a mental patient.
But as you can see from the above snaps, she soon got into it and started tapping her little paws against the screen - so cute!



  1. awhh that is so cute, I wish I had a kitten/cat so I could watch it on my iPad, (and also snuggle with it on the sofa!) Cats are adorable but my mum is allergic and says she wouldn't be able to visit my flat if I got one :(

    Karys x

  2. oh no, that's awful! kitty's make the world go round :)

    thank you for the comment - off to check your blog now x

  3. I am the biggest cat lady ever! LOVE that you put this up, wishing I had an iPad now so I could entertain my 3! :)

  4. How cute!! I'm can't wait to download the game for my cat,


  5. The pictures are so cute. I HAVE to download this app! Vanessa xx

  6. I love that your cat has a boy's name. I tried that game with my cat he was not interested at all.


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