Thursday, 29 December 2011


Christmas 2011 has come and gone.
I always find the build up to Christmas so exciting! This year was no different, and at 25 years old I still find myself as anxious and happy about Christmas as ever before!
Myself and Craig hosted a little drinks and snacks shindig at our house on Christmas eve, complete with egg nog (which was suprisingly laborious to make). I slaved away in the kitchen all day prepping a cheese platter, making scrummy egg nog, constructing my own bacon wrapped sausages (are these not called Angels on Horseback? Anyone know?), and I even made my own truffles - not shown here as they didn't set properly and looked like little plops of pooh on a plate on the evening (they were, however, most delicious the next morning!)

Christmas Day was spent at my folks' place - a full on Christmas dinner that did not disappoint!
I actually ate so much that I didn't even get to pudding - shameful, I know!

I hope everyone out there had equally as an enjoyable Christmas as I!


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