Friday, 10 June 2011

* Take a peek inside my House *

Hi! I promise to dutifully resume regular postings from today onwards... it's been an absolutely hectic month at work and I find myself coming home in the afternoons, jumping into a nice hot bath, and then relaxing in front of the telly all evening in my cosy PJ's. But to reward you all for being so patient I have taken a few snaps of my house, which is becoming more and more "homely" by the day. Birthdays are wonderful things because you can ask for all the expensive and opulent goodies that you would not normally treat yourself to on any normal Saturday morning. The rustic treated metal mirror and frame, as well as corner lamp were a gift from my lovely folks - thanks Mom and Dad!

And you see the gold framed mirror above? Would you believe me if I told you that I nabbed the frame from a charity shop for R20.00 a couple of months ago. All I did was take it down to the local hardware store to have some mirror fitted... et voila! A gorgeously ornate mirror that nows lives in my bedroom.

Another favourite of mine is the wire heart which I have hooked onto the trellis outside in my garden. I found it at a florist in Durban quite a while ago, they normally do great little presentations by wrapping the flowers in between the holes and wirey bits (my vocabulary concerning flora and fauna eludes me for the moment, apologies).

So there we go, a very brief snippet of some of my favourite home goodies for the moment.

Keep checking back for more as I slowly build my interior to resemble that of something we would find on one of those fancy home decor blogs or magazines.



  1. Beautiful touches for your home, the mirror is so eye catching x

  2. What beautiful pieces! The first photo especially. Judging by these photos, I'd say it looks straight out of a fancy magazine already!

    sorelle in style

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