Monday, 19 July 2010

Mmmmunch mmmmmunch.

I hope you're hungry cos I've got foooooood for you!
I've recently become fascinated with taking photo's of the food I'm about to eat, as well as my fellow diners at the table with me.
Eating out is basically my favourite hobby - I love finding new little cafe's and restaurants around town.
Above are some snaps taken on my recent holiday to Plettenberg Bay.
*Bacon and Egg Ciabbata's!
*Pain au Chocolat's!
*Knotted sourdough bread with hummus and olive tapenade at Bramon Wine Estate!
Mmm, tasty.


  1. Mine too!! I love discovering new restaurants and interesting foods :)
    These photos make my mouth water (which is embarrassing cuz I'm at work right now :)
    Yum!! Can't wait for lunch!!

  2. Oohhh you making my hungry!! it looks so YUMMY!


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