Friday, 5 February 2010

All we hear is Radio GAGA

I never thought I would be a fan.

But God dammit she is just too fabulous not to be!

I'll admit her music isn't her drawing point - it's the outrageous outfits and the way she rocks a pair of Alexander McQueen's.

She's a bit of a freak, we all know that, but she's just fabulous to watch.


  1. she's got a style!!
    eventough she kinda freak but the press can't go from her..and she become an icon ;)

  2. i love that last photo. amazing glasses!

  3. rad photos of gaga! thanks for the award a while ago, sorry it's taken me like a month to reply!

  4. What great photos!!
    Can't help liking Lady Gaga...she's just too different to ignore :)

  5. you cant help but love her she is wicked cool


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