Friday, 27 November 2009

Burn Baby, Burrrrrrn

Got the Summer sunshine vibe going on today!
I had to work in the sun all day yesterday and was unprotected from the rays for about 2 hours which is NOT good. Not good at all.
By the time my saviour arrived with SPF in hand the damage had been done and I awoke this morning to wonderful red and white stripes along my feet
(Lesson of the day: Don't wear gladiator sandals in the sun!).
Also appear to be sporting lovely red forearms, with a white strip at my wrists due to the leather bangles I had on.
The posted photos are just reminders that Summer can be wonderful.
And will be wonderful from here on out!
I think I've learnt my lesson this year.

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  1. Awesome pictures!! They really make me miss summer a lot....


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